Who are We?

We set out to create the greatest and healthiest candles on the market then soon discovered that we have a passion for quality and relaxation. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our unbeatable customer service. Every item in our shop is made by hand to ensure that quality is imprinted in every product. Whether you just want to treat yourself with something special, give something special to a loved one, or make your event special we have exactly what you need. Our items make the perfect gifts for all occasions with a wide variety of options.  We have candles, sugar scrubs, bath salts, soap, and lip-balms made with two things in mind quality and your health.


Our Candles are Made With

Every part of each product is specially crafted with quality in mind. From the hand pouring of the wax to shipping the boxes, it is all done by hand in house. Every step along the process of creation one of our experts assembles each aspect of each product insuring quality in every aspect.


Our Sugar Scrubs are Made With

We have discovered that the best oils for moisturizing the skin are avocado and olive oils. We have perfected our proportions so our scrubs are both moisturizing and exfoliating.


Our Soaps are Made With

Our soap is chock full of vitamin A and vitamin D to ensure the softening of the skin providing the best feelings for your hands.

Our Lip-Balms

Made with a mixture of oils and ingredients researched over years for the highest quality possible. Created with unique mixture of shea oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, coconut oils for nourishing, and a hint of Castro for a gorgeous shine.

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