3 Wick Everyday Tumbler Candle

Introducing our latest addition to the world of candles - our new 3-wick wonders, renowned for their exceptional scent strength that outshines their single-wick counterparts. If you're on the hunt for an extraordinarily aromatic candle that effortlessly fills any room, look no further! These classy and sophisticated candles are housed in our gorgeous amber jars, & are handcrafted from 100% pure soy wax and cotton wicks, free from any additives that might pollute your home. We're dedicated to the use of phthalate and carcinogen-free fragrance oils and proudly source GMO-free wax, grown right here in the USA. Each candle is lovingly hand-poured on our farm in Bixby, Oklahoma.

These 17 oz candles are more than just a delight for the senses; they offer an impressive burn time exceeding 100 hours. With over a decade of experience in the art of candle-making, we've thoughtfully curated a selection of the most exquisite scents for your ultimate enjoyment.

Need help choosing a scent? Here's my scent description list for both my everyday and holiday scents! Also, feel free to message me about scent help as well. :-)

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  • $30.00